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Quick Guide to LeMarketly

What is LeMarketly?

LeMarketly is a unique online shopping solution helping to save you time and enjoy a new and comfortable shopping experience

On average, every shopper makes one to three store visits per week. Every visit takes at least 45 minutes from the moment the trip to the store begins to the moment the groceries get into your fridge at home. Most families tend to shop in a variety of stores to enjoy a greater selection of items, prices and specials, making grocery shopping even more time-consuming.

With LeMarketly you can shop from anywhere using only an internet connection. You can shop in several different stores at once, place orders for your relatives and family members, order from your office and get the order delivered by the time you get home.

Why choose LeMarketly?

LeMarketly offers multiple delivery methods and scheduling options, unique local “mom and pop” partner stores, exclusive products not available anywhere else online that you like to consume daily, an easy and very user-friendly web-store that works perfectly on any device, outstanding customer support. LeMarketly is a one-of-a-kind, highly anticipated online shopping solution.

Where does LeMarketly operate?

LeMarketly has partnerships with stores in Glendale CA, Burbank CA, Van Nuys CA, and North Hollywood CA. We deliver within the 20-mile radius from each store.

How fast does LeMarketly deliver?

LeMarketly has a variety of delivery options, from RUSH (1 hour) delivery to timed delivery that can be scheduled weeks in advance. Most shoppers use Regular (2 hours) delivery option.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs depend on the delivery time and range, with fees for RUSH orders being slightly higher than for Regular orders. Read more about delivery fees here.


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